3 Popular Products to Calm a Stressed Cat

August 29, 2016 Celine Lee

Stress is something we have to deal with regularly. Whether it is due to work, family, health, or even pets, we all agree that it is damaging to our wellbeing. When we see our cats perched by the window grooming, or sleeping most of the day away, we often wish we can afford to do that too. But did you know that simple things like a new furniture, dirty litter box, new pet, or just visitors, can cause stress to your cat? In this article, we talk about three popular products to calm a stressed cat.

Feliway is a range of products containing a synthetic copy of natural cat pheremones. Pheremones are used for communication among cats. A stressed cat may pee out of the litter box, groom excessively, or stop eating. Feliway helps to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for a multi-cats households, which in turn helps to reduce unwanted behaviours. Feliway comes in a spray bottle, or diffuser.

Rescue Remedy
Rescue Remedy Pet is a combination of five Bach Flower Remedies to help pets deal with stressful situations like vet visits, grooming, or thunderstorms. It helps to balance their emotions. Rescue Remedy can be added into your stressed cat's water, or food.

Spirit Essences
Spirit Essences is the only line of flower essence remedies developed by veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, and internationally recognised Animal Behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy. Spirit Essences has a wide range of formula to target different issues. For a stressed cat, Stress Stopper can be used. Majority of the remedies are formulated to work with all animals, while a selected few is for specific species. 

Spirit Essences is available in Singapore, on Pets Actually.

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