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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Posted on October 04 2016

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

    In Singapore, most of us live in HDB flats, and cats are kept indoors for their safety. For cats that used to roam, or cats with high energy level, this can be frustrating sometimes. The lack of stimulation at home leads to a bored or depressed cat. Here are some ways to keep a happy cat:

    Cat Scratcher


        Scratching is a marking behaviour important to cats. They scratch to sharpen their claws and mark territories in the wild. It also reduces stress for your cat.

        An indoor cat will scratch furniture or carpets if no appropriate scratching furniture is provided. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of cat scratchers in the market. Cat trees usually have multiple scratch posts, and also serve as a great hideout for timid cats. Different cats have different preferences, so find one that makes your cat happy!

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        Cat Tree

          GET UP HIGH

            A cat that is on top, is a happy cat. Some cats love to to perch in high places where they can have a bird's-eye view of their surrounding. This makes them feel safe, away from other pets or young kids. You can choose a tall cat tree, wall-mounted shelves, or window perches. Window perches give your cat a view of the outside world, which keeps them entertained!

              BOX IT UP

                We all know cats love boxes. 'Nuff said. Next time you receive a parcel, keep the boxes! Besides, this doubles up as a cat bed! 

                playing cats

                  PLAY TIME

                    A bored cat sleeps its day away. There are various types of cat toys available to keep your cat entertained. Get to know what type(s) of toys float their boat. Not only does playing entertains your bored cat, it also keeps your cat happy. Add this to the list of things to do together with your cat! Also, rotating the toys keeps your cats interested.

                      CATNIP PARTY

                        Catnip is often referred as "marijuana for cats", but it is completely safe. You can choose to sprinkle catnip on the floor, or purchase catnip toys that will sure drive your cat crazy. (Note: Some cats do not react to catnip)


                        A happy cat is a healthy cat. It is important that your cats are given lots of stimulation indoors. Start playing with your cats today!


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