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Keeping Your Pets Calm this Holiday Season

Posted on November 06 2016

Keeping Your Pets Calm this Holiday Season

Holiday season is just around the corner. For humans, it is time for endless celebrations and catching up. For pets, it means crowded house, unfamiliar scents, loud noises, and fireworks. More often than not, we are too into the festive mood to realise that some of our pets are suffering in silence every year. Here are some things you can do to minimise your pet's stress level this holiday season:

Keeping to your routine
It is easy to skip or postpone a walk because you are busy with the preparation of parties, but you must do it. Keeping to your regular feeding/walk schedule reduces the stress level of your pets that are sensitive to change.

Exercise your pets
Take your dog(s) out for a walk or exercise before the party. Exercising drains excess energy, and induces endorphin releases which has an anti-anxiety effect. Remember to play with your cats too!

Prepare a safe room
Move your pets to a room where they feel most at home. Cover the windows and doors to reduce the noises and light flashes outside. You can also play light calming music.

Using Spirit Essences
Spirit Essences is a line of flower essences remedies developed by veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, and internationally recognised Animal Behaviourist, Jackson Galaxy. We shortlisted a few remedies to help your pets keep calm during the holiday season:

Scaredy Cat: For the shy, timid, and fearful cat who runs from every little noise.

Nervous Nelly: For the shy, timid, and fearful dog who is overly sensitive to its environment.

Stress Stopper: To help your pet(s) cope with stressful situations like having visitors and parties during the festive season.

Separation Anxiety: For your pet(s) who gets anxious or destructive when you are away, either for a party, or overseas.

Grouch Solution: For pet(s) that are easily annoyed by children or chaotic homes. 

While you are enjoying this holiday season, remember that your pets are sensitive animals. If your pets are easily startled or frightened by strangers, take some extra time this year to help them settle in so that they can enjoy the celebration as much as you! 

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