Using the Right Bowl for Your Dog

August 16, 2017 Celine Lee

There are so many different designs of dog bowls available in the market - which is the right one for your dog? 

Other than being aesthetically pleasing, these dog bowls variations are often designed to meet the needs of different dog breeds and/or ages. Read on to find out what is a suitable design for your pooch!

Elevated Feeders
for large/tall dogs

Elevated feeders allow your dog to eat in a better position. It promotes better digestion, and also reduces stress on joints and neck. Be sure to choose the right height for your dog though!

Narrow Bowls
for long-eared dogs

Bowls with narrow openings keep your dog's long ears from falling into food or water bowls. Say bye to the mess and tangled fur! But make sure the opening is not too narrow for your dog's snout.

Shallow Bowls
for flat-faced dogs

Flat-faced dogs are more prone to respiratory problems. A shallow bowl allows them to reach for their food easily, thus reducing the strain that higher bowls may put on their throat or airway.

Deep Bowls
for long-nosed dogs

A deeper bowl allows more "nose space" for long-nosed dogs, making eating more comfortable.


So, is your dog using the right bowl? We believe it still boils down to your dog's preference! But this is definitely good information to consider. 

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