BETA by MyZoo

BETA by MyZoo

Part of My Zoo's Space Collection, BETA is made for aspiring catstronauts! 

Recognising the fact that cats spend about 18hours a day sleeping, My Zoo went on a space mission to design the purrfect nap spot for our feline friends. It took a year of research, experiments, and modifications before BETA was created.

Designed like a spaceship, BETA is the purrfect hideout for cat naps! The acrylic top allows your cat to peep at its surrounding while still inside the BETA. Holes on the side of the cylinder provides better ventilation. 

Entrance 22cm

Cushion 40*40cm
Light and cold wash only. 

Solid wood, acrylic top

Regular price SGD$299.00 Sale price SGD$259.00