Bowtix Cat Collar - Cosmic Spaceship

Bowtix Cat Collar - Cosmic Spaceship

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Designed for modern pets and owners with style, Bowtix is a local brand that indulges in fun colours and whimsical prints to create amazing pet collars and bow ties for today's pets.



  • In-house designed and manufactured exquisitely by Bowtix.
  • Manufactured collection tend to have a sturdier and rigid overall.
  • Please consider Bowtix's Handmade collection if you prefer a more flexible material for your pet.


  • Thick nylon interlace collar that is suitable for pets who tugs frequently.
  • Removable small bell.
  • Safety breakaway buckle.
  • Collar length is adjustable as your pet grows.
  • Removable bow tie that can fit onto any collar.


  • Bow Tie: 6cm
  • Pet Collar: 1cm x 20cm - 35cm