Four Leaf Rover - Bovine Colostrum

Four Leaf Rover - Bovine Colostrum

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Four Leaf Rover Colostrum is the first milk from happy, healthy cows. The proline-rich-polypeptide (PRP) in Four Leaf Rover Colostrum helps strengthen and balance the immune system, making it a great choice for allergies and other immune related health issues. Free of hormones and antibiotics.

Sourced from antibiotic-free & rGBH-free cows

100% colostrum


Body Weight

Amount Per Day

Up To 10 Lbs

1/16 Tsp Once Daily

11 To 25 Lbs

1/8 Tsp Once Daily

26 To 99 Lbs

1/4 Tsp Once Daily

100 Lbs And Up

1/2 Tsp Once Daily

30 Medium Dog Servings