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Gtech AirRam K9

SGD$519.00 SGD$599.00

The Gtech AirRam K9 is purrfect for dealing with the joys of living with cats and dogs!

Designed to be powerful and lightweight, the cordless Gtech AirRam K9 vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for busy homes. The AirRam K9 is built to withstand the extra strain pet hair can place on a vacuum cleaner, armed with Gtech unique AirLOC technology, strong metal components and a high-powered spinning brush bar.

The AirRam K9 pet vacuum cleaner is strengthened by aluminium parts, designed to resist the wear and tear caused by even the toughest cleaning environments, time and time again. Made with pet owners in mind, this powerful vacuum cleaner was designed to suck up fluff and fur without scattering, which leaving a floral scent wherever you clean.

The AirRam K9’s power comes from a professional grade 22v lithium-ion battery, delivering up to 40minutes run-time on a single 4-hour charge. Alternatively, a 1-hour charge will give a burst of additional run-time.