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Gtech Multi K9

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Mess is part of life but who has the time to get out a heavy vacuum cleaner? Lightweight yet powerful, the cordless handheld Gtech Multi K9 is designed to tackle even the most stubborn challenges left behind by your pets.

The Multi K9 handheld vacuum has been designed for pet owners, by pet owners. Anyone who has a dog, cat or another indoor pet, will know the constant battle with fluff and fur, so the Gtech Multi K9 is designed to be a very handy vacuum to help you get into all those hard to reach places, leaving nowhere for hairs to hide.

The Multi K9 is built to withstand the extra strain pet hair can place on a vacuum cleaner, using stronger aluminium components to take on even the toughest cleaning environments - time and time again. 

Pet odours can cling onto the inside of a traditional vacuum cleaner, spreading unpleasant smells around your home as you clean. The handheld Multi K9 has replaceable floral scented tabs that fit into the filter to leave your home and car smelling clean and fresh!

When it comes to cleaning the car, using a heavy upright vacuum cleaner can be a nightmare. The Gtech Multi K9 comes with a Gtech Car Accessory Kit to make cleaning your car much easier. The Gtech Multi K9 comes with a spare lifetime washable filter, allowing you to tackle dust and dirt around your house without any disruptions from washing your filters regularly. 

Powered by a professional grade 22v lithium-ion battery, the Multi K9 delivers up to 20 minutes run-time on a single 4-hour charge. Alternatively, a 1-hour charge will give a burst of additional run-time.