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Gtech Powerfloor K9

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Voted the #1 handstick vacuum in Singapore for pet owners, the Powerfloor K9 is designed to tackle the tougher challenges that come with having pets. From stray cat hair to dog fur on fabric, the Powerfloor’s powerful suction and high speed brush head will keep your home spotless. Join hundreds of other happy pet owners in Singapore and make the switch to Gtech.

The Powerfloor K9 is lightweight and compact, weighing only 2.3kg when fully assembled. It can quickly convert from a floor vacuum to a handheld cleaner - perfect for upholstery, car, and mattress!

Pet hairs can cling onto surfaces, making them notoriously hard to clean. Gtech's unique AirLOC system effortlessly picks up large debris from the surface as you push the vacuum forward, and locks in on the backstroke to suck up the embedded dust and hairs. It is also strengthened by aluminium components to withstand the extra strain pet hair can place on a vacuum cleaner.

Pet odours can cling to the inside of a traditional vacuum cleaner, spreading unpleasant smell around your home. The Powerfloor K9 has replaceable floral scent tabs that fit into the filter, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.