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The Cat Ball

Mini Cat Ball in Pink and Aqua Polka Dots

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The mini size Cat Ball® cat bed, is a great size for kittens and petite cats.

The mini Cat Ball® is a bit bigger than a basket ball. Kittens can get right into it, and the whole thing will teeter-totter as they walk through, which is quite entertaining to watch! Smaller adult cats (and small dogs) will also be able to use this bed. The model here is Tink, who weighs 8 pounds, and was quite comfortable napping inside the mini Cat Ball® cat bed.

The mini Cat Ball® cat bed is made the same way we make the standard size Cat Ball®. Adult cats seem to frequently use the Cat Ball® like an office, and are probably making their plans for world domination while they hang out inside this private space. Kittens are more likely to use the mini Cat Ball® as a jungle gym playground and will chase each other through it until they zonk out.


For pets to about 9 pounds.

100% cotton fabrics
The unique six paneled design maintains its shape without any wires or frame
Made in USA

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