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Pawfume Lab

Pawfume Lab Mineral Dry Wash Powder for Cats & Dogs


For Cats & Dogs|Dry wash x Anti-odour x Anti-pollution detox

  • Made with Australian Certified Organic Zeolite
  • Cleanse greasy touch without shower
  • Deodorize body odor naturally
  • Zeolite ion-exchange properties draws pollutants
  • Ideal for outdoor active or cats at workplace or cats prefer unscented dry wash
  • “Lick-safe”, made with food grade ingredients
  • Contains more than 99% natural ingredients
  • With certified organic ingredients, 59% at least
  • No talcum, without nano processed
  • Suitable for puppies & kittens

zeolite ^, arrowroot^
^ certified organic

How to Use?
Keep fur coat in dry conditions when using this product.
Avoid eye, nose, ear and wound areas.
Close to fur coat, one sprinkle at a time.
Wait for 10-15 minutes, brush fur coat to finish.
Suitable for partial fur coat wash. Use as needed.

Freshmade in Hong Kong every month
Formulate by Pawfume Lab

Best usage period |12m upon purchase