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Pawfume Lab

Pawfume Lab Natural Dry Wash Powder for Cats


For Cats|Dry wash for cats afraid of shower bath
Contains montmorillonite to cleanse greasy touch fur
With organic oat straw to soothe irritation or itchy.
Blended with organic valerian & skullcap, natural herbal stress reliever to soothe “bathing stress”/touch sensitivity.
No synthetic fragrance
Contains more than 99% natural ingredients
Made with certified organic ingredients, 69% at least
70gMade in Hong Kong

No-rinse formula | Formulated for Cats | Food grade & certified organic ingredient, lick-safe for cats | No talcum powder or nano-processed powder

How to Use?
Keep fur coat in dry conditions when using this product.
Avoid eye, nose, ear and wound areas.
Close to fur coat, one sprinkle at a time.
Suggest to use a towel covering your pet's body when sprinkling to avoid dust
A quick towel rub over the body afterwards.
Use no more than 5-6 sprinkle each time, suitable for partial fur coat wash.

*NOTE: This product has a strong herbal scent. The scent does not linger, and you will not smell it on the cat after you use it on your cat! (Please understand that there will strictly be no refund if you do not like the smell.)