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Pawfume Lab

Pawfume Lab Organic Cat Wash


For deep cleansing skin layer needs
Pick the skin condition that matters most
1/ sensitive fur or 2/ flea & tick concerns
Handcrafted with distillery direct hydrosols
Biodegradable and easy rinse formulation

Contains more than 99% organic ingredients
Made with certified organic ingredients, 86% at least
Made with distillery direct organic hydrosols
18 New formula requires no dilution

95ml I Made in Hong Kong 

Best before | 6m from date of purchase

Using the Product
For shower wash, wet your pet with warm water. Leather the diluted wash over the body.
For bathing, pump 6-8 washes into lukewarm water.

Main ingredients
deionised water, sponafied olive oil/sunflower oil/castor oil/coconut oil#, lavender hydrosols^, rosemary hydrosols^, witch hazel hydrosols#, geranium hydrosols#, vitamin E
^ Distillery direct ingredients
# Certified organic ingredients